LSD Limited Slip Differential For: GM, Opel, Chevrolet,Daewoo VAL-racing Screw

  • Manufacturer: Val-racing
  • mpn: VR-12-IF00002
  • Product Code: GM, Opel, Chevrolet,Daewoo
  • Weight with packing: 6.4 kg
  • Availability: In Stock

 For installation in a manual transmission model F16, F18, F20 cars GM, Chevrolet, Daewoo, Opel. 

Before making an order, make sure (by contacting your car dealer's dealer) that you have a car equipped with the F16, F18, F20 gearbox.

Construction type: Self-locking - Screw

- DEU: Nexia, Center

- Opel of the issue until 2004: Astra, Ascona, Caliber, Vectra, Viva (AVTOVAZ)

Applicability to cars of Chevrolet, DAEWOO, OPEL.


Model        Year of installation    Index КПП

CHEVROLET vendor code 94599055, 96169394, 25195063 

AVEO (T200)        2003-2007        LX5, LX6, L14, L44, M78, M79, MG5 

                              2007-2008        LBJ, LV8, L95, LXT, MLM, MLL, MFH 

AVEO (T250)         2006-2007       LX6, L14, L44, M78 

                               2007-2008       LV8, L95, LXT, MLM 

AVEO (T300)         2012-2015       LDE, MFH 

EPICA (V200)         2003-2006      L88, M95 

EVANDA (V200)    2003-2006      L88, M95 

LACETTI (J200)      2003-2007      L14, L44, L84 , LDA, L88, MG4, MG5, M85, M89 

                               2007-2008      L95, LXT, LDA, L34, MXF, MFH, MLK, MFE 

LANOS (T100)      1997-2002      L13, LX6, L43, L44, M79, M85, MG4 

REZZO (U100)      2000-2007      LV4, L44, L88 ,M85 ,MG4, M89 

                              2007-2008      LXT, L34 ,MXF, MFE 

CRUZE (J300)       2010-2015      MFH 

DAEWOO   vendor code   94599055, 96169394, 25195063   

NEXIA       1998-2005   LX6, CLH, EEC,  

                  2005-2007   L43, CLH, G41, M79 

                  2007-2015   LX6, CLH, NN1  

ESPERO   1991-1999 

OPEL (F16, 18, 20) vendor code   90305301, 0370024 

Astra-F   1992-98 

Ascona-C   1982-97 

Calibra   1989-93 

Kadette-E   1985-93 

Vectra- A   1989-95 

Vectra-B   1996-2002 

Recommendation. Needed power steering.

Recommended for sanadine car used for active leisure, fishing, travel on country roads without asphalt cover. Most effective in winter conditions, as in the snowy city, and on rural country roads. (within allowable front-drive car). Cross-axle limited slip differential (limited-slip differential) and screw type. Designed to improve the dynamic characteristics of front-wheel drive car.

In normal conditions, the limited-slip differential (someblock) works as a standard differential, but once the car starts to slip, the differential is automatically locked, the torque is transmitted not by one, slipping wheel, and both wheels and the car continues to move. Differential lock downloads the wheel that has better traction with the road surface (one wheel on ice, other on pavement, or one wheel in pit with liquid dirt, the other on solid ground, etc.) – that improves the car's traction. In addition, on the ice or on Packed snow the car samolotem SHAFT RACING will accelerate more dynamically, without slipping (this is necessary when passing through the loaded junctions, where the Coupling of comfort in the design of the limited-slip differential SHAFT RACING, implements the smooth actuation of the lock thus eliminates sharp and unpleasant when driving jerks and blows on a steering wheel when triggered the blocking, improving the comfort and safety of driving with the lock SHAFT RACING. Differential slip SHAFT RACING, minimizes the possibility of wheel spin axis with smallcom. Soft when turned on.

Front wheel drive cars get improved performance on permeability and stability. In part, the usual front-drive cars get crossover performance. Very convenient for winter operation of the vehicle in the city and on winter road, in snow and snow drifts, ruts and ice climbs. Adds confidence when driving in the autumn-winter thaw, snow-water porridge. Indispensable for fishermen, hunters, gardeners (not everywhere you can drive in the winter and in the summer thaw on suburban tracts). Facilitates descent and ascent of the trailer with the boat out of the water, or overcome the wet road with a dirt road to the track.

Optimal for daily operation of the vehicle both in the city or on easy roads.

Used oil:

During operation of the vehicle with limited slip differential "VAL-racing":

- parameters and characteristics of the oils recommended for use from the manual of the vehicle in which is installed a limited-slip differential "VAL-racing", with consideration of the temperature characteristics of the region, which will be operated by a limited-slip differential.

the most effective is the use of special gear oils for limited slip differentials (LSD - limited slip differential).

- in the event of downtime of the vehicle with limited slip differential, changing the oil in accordance with the rules of the car service, but not less than once per year.

- !Prohibited the use of additional anti-friction additives.

Limited-slip differential SHAFT RACING. The design shown in phantom. 

 1. The differential case. 2. Cover of the differential, 3. Gear axle housing 4. Gear axle caps. 5. Satellit long. 6. Satellite short. 7. Clip. 8.9. Slotted ring. 10. The Belleville spring. 11. The fastening screw. The driven gear differential (standard detail shown conventionally.)

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LSD Limited Slip Differential For: GM, Opel, Chevrolet,Daewoo VAL-racing Screw

LSD Limited Slip Differential For: GM, Opel, Chevrolet,Daewoo VAL-racing Screw

 For installation in a manual transmission model F16, F18, F20 cars GM, Chevrolet, Daewoo, Opel..