Roof Rack Crossbars Standard+ Universal For Flush Roof Rails Set Black

  • Manufacturer: АПС
  • mpn: 2085-СУН-02
  • Product Code: Universal
  • Weight with packing: 4.1 kg
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Technical characteristics (Cross-pieces STANDARD + universal)

SET - 2pcs. 

Roof racks (Avtobagazhniki) are installed on car rails. 

In particular, LADA-Largus, New LADA-Kalina, LADA-Priora in the station wagon, Chevrolet-NIVA, Renault-STEPWAY and others. 

Designed for installation on rails with a clearance between the profile of the railing and the roof. 

When installing, the cross member profile lies directly on the rail profile (through the damping insert). 

To determine the possibility of installing this mount, you must define the parameters of the rails: 

1. The maximum height of the profile (pipe) railing - 30mm. 

2. The maximum width of the profile (pipe) rails - 40mm. 

3. The distance between the outer sides of the profiles (pipes) of the right and left railings at the fixing points of the crossbars in front and also in the rear must not exceed 1100 mm. 

BRACKET TEMPLATE. After printing the printer, check the size!


They have a streamlined shape, allowing to reduce the resistance to the flow of air when driving a car. Profile dimensions 17x40mm. Installed at any width between the rails of the rails. They have a standardized groove for installing additional accessories for luggage carriers: mounting skis, bicycles, baskets, etc., except for expeditionary boxes. The presence of an anti-friction insert on top of the profile allows you to securely secure the load and protect the surface of the crossbars from damage. Insertion into the lower groove of the profile prevents the occurrence of aerodynamic noise.

A special bracket allows you to securely install the cross member in the girth of the rail profile. 

The original design, the cross-pieces look stylish and modern. On the end caps of the crossbars there is an image of a trademark. 

Materials and components of high quality - hardened aluminum profile with anodic or polymeric protective and decorative coating. 

Cross-pieces have a covering: 

BLACK POLYMER. This type of coating aluminum profiles is a two-layer. 

The first layer of the base - colorless, anodic oxide coating. It is a conversion layer that reliably protects the aluminum profile, sealing it from all sides. This is the most reliable way to protect aluminum and its alloys from corrosion and other aggressive environmental influences. It can be used as an independent finishing coating of silver color, or it can be an excellent basis for applying subsequent coating layers. 

The second layer is a black polymer coating. It is applied electrostatically and baked at high temperature directly on the product. It is a reliable decorative layer. It has a matte rich black velvety surface. 

Installation method - fastening is carried out in the girth of the rail profile. 

The load capacity of the trunk - is limited to the recommended load for a particular car. For most cars it is 40-50kg. 

Requirements for the operation of crossbars: 

1. Do not exceed the recommended roof load specified in the car's instruction manual. 

2. Place a small and heavy load as close as possible to the crossbar supports. 

3. When simultaneously placing several loads on the trunk evenly distribute them over the surface of the crossbars. Moreover, heavier things should be placed closer to the supports, and lighter to the center of the crossbars. 

4. Securely fix the load to the cross member. 

5. Additionally, fix the hanging ends of long goods to the car body, to prevent them from swaying during transportation. 

6. Choose the most optimal mode of motion with reduced speed, avoiding sudden acceleration and deceleration. 

7. The type of fastening of crossbars should be selected taking into account the height of the rails, the type of rails, as well as the possibility of installing additional equipment. 

The length of the cross - 1300mm.

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Roof Rack Crossbars Standard+ Universal For Flush Roof Rails Set Black

Roof Rack Crossbars Standard+ Universal For Flush Roof Rails Set Black

Technical characteristics (Cross-pieces STANDARD + universal) SET - 2pcs.  Roof racks (Avto..