Lada Niva / Lada 2101-2107 Limited Slip Differential 22 teeth Screw VAL-racing

  • Manufacturer: Val-racing
  • mpn: VR-11-А000001
  • Product Code: LADA NIVA, Chevrolet Niva, LADA 2101-2107
  • Weight with packing: 5 kg
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Interwheel, self-locking differentials of screw (worm) type, 8-satellite (patent of the Russian Federation №55063 from 27.07.2006).

Inter-wheel differential of increased friction (self-locking differential) - 22 slots, for the rear gearbox of cars Lada Urban, Lada 4x4, Chevrolet NIVA, VAZ 2121, VAZ 2329 pickup, Lada 4x4 Pick-up, VIS 2346, VIS 2946, Lada 2101-2107, IZH 27175 ( pick-up on the basis of 2104), Lada 4x4 Medical. Supplied for assembling of products for the conveyor "VIS AUTO" for the assembly of cars "Lynx" and "Lada 4x4 Bronto". It is installed in the rear axle gearbox of cars of all production years and the front reducer Lada 4x4 of the production until 2002-2003 - 22 slots. The self-locking differential is installed in replacement of the factory-established factories of car manufacturers, without further development. 

Application: the rear axle (all-year-old cars) and the front reduction gear (vehicles up to 2003). For rear-drive cars VAZ and all-wheel drive LADA 4x4.

Designation on the package - Lada 4x4 - Chevrolet Niva - 2101 - SCREW

It is recommended that when replacing the basic differential with self-locking, install new differential bearings.

Optimal with daily operation of the car both in the city and on light off-road and winter roads. Improves the off-road properties of the all-wheel drive car. Improves the start modes on rear-wheel drive vehicles. Allows you to exclude as much as possible the slipping of the axle wheels with the self-block. It is soft when turned on. Reduces the risk of breakage of the semi-axles at peak shock loads, for example: a sharp increase in speed during the passage of difficult sections of rough terrain, steep climbing with an inflection, etc. With proper operation and after gaining driving and driving skills over rough terrain, reduces the risk of falling into diagonal hanging. With 100% diagonal hanging with a stop, cars are not very effective. This is due to the physical properties and features of the screw (worm) self-block.

Oil used.

When using a car with a self-locking differential VAL-racing:

 - It is recommended to use the parameters and characteristics of the oils from the vehicle manual, in which the VAL-racing self-locking differential is installed, necessarily taking into account the temperature characteristics of the region where the self-locking differential will be used.

 - The most effective use of special transmission oils for differential slip differentials (LSD - limited slip differential).

- in the case of idle time with a self-locking differential, the oil is replaced in accordance with the car maintenance regulations, but at least once a year.

 - It is forbidden to use additional antifriction additives.

When driving frequently along fords, marshy and other terrain, where there is a possibility of water entering the reducer with an installed self-locking differential, it is necessary to check the condition of the oil. In the event of water contamination, the oil change in the gearbox is mandatory.

Self-locking differential VAL-RAYING. Design.

 1. The body of the differential. 2. The cover of the differential. 3. Gear of the semi-axle housing. 4. Gear of the semiaxis of the cover. 5. Satellites are long. 6. Satellites are short. 7 The clip. 8.9.The ring ring. 10.Tahrchatchatye springs. 11. Fastening screw.

Mounting bolt of the driven gear (2101-1005127VR), special, revision of VAL-RAYING - are supplied in the kit - 8 pieces. (The bolts have an increased threaded length and an understated head.) The use of modified bolts is necessary in connection with the increased thickness of the base, landing, end face of the locking for the driven gear.The increase in thickness is necessary for the reliability of the locking design, due to increased loads on the differential during vehicle operation. ) The driven differential gear (serial part, shown conditionally.)

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Lada Niva / Lada 2101-2107 Limited Slip Differential 22 teeth Screw VAL-racing

Lada Niva / Lada 2101-2107 Limited Slip Differential 22 teeth Screw VAL-racing

Interwheel, self-locking differentials of screw (worm) type, 8-satellite (patent of the Russian Fede..